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Number Uno Blog!

I was gonna use this post as a way to tell you more about me, but then I thought that, that is what most people must do. So I have decided to tell you how I am able to make it snow! This is a newly discovered gift, btw.


Well, it all started when I had been wanting to make a sign for my porch for Halloween, then it passed, so then a sign for Thanksgiving, and that too passed. So I put my foot down last night and created my Christmas/Yule Tide sign.

So from moving recently, we had destroyed a shelving unit (which I got from a thrift shop anyways). The parts that I have left over are 6, 4 feet shelves. They are about 8 ” across and maybe an inch or inch and a half thick. The shelves are smooth on both sides, so I though it perfect for putting 2 paintings on each side. Halloween/Harvest, Winter/New Years, St. Patrick’s Day/Easter, July 4th/Ramadan or Eid design. But to at least have something that goes with all four seasons.


That’s pretty much exactly what my boards look like to a “T”.

Anywho, I only used Acrylic Paint to paint my board. And you can use any design you want.I actually changed my idea half way through. It just pooped into my head to have my snowman look towards the sky kind of sad and reaching up to try an catch a snowflake. I was in a very sad mood, and this image just popped into my head. I guess he is sad because he is so cold and no one wants to touch him, so he looks towards the snowflakes for comfort and stretches out for their companionship. (Well that got deeper than I intended) Or he is just a cute little snowman! 🙂


No, that’s not snowman poop towards the bottom, on the snow, as my pen-pal so eloquently put last night. It’s actually gold sparkles but wasn’t picked up on my photo. 😦

I started with the back ground color and I went down 3/4 of the board.

I began with; Blue (Aquamarine) Basics brand:


Purple, Delta Ceramcoat brand (I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this brand since it is very watery, but its the only purple I had):


Christmas Green by Delta Cermacoat:


Yellow by Delta Cermacoat (I couldn’t find a photo of the bottle of the exact color online, but this block of yellow is the exact color that I used):


Brown by Delta Ceramcoat:


And lastly White by Delta Ceramcoat:


I pretty much mixed two or 3 colors at a time. I mix in a sweeping motion from side to side, not in a circular motion to make one solid color. This helps with fading the colors in and out with each other and with new colors. When I would begin to run out of my color I was using I would add white to the mix and it would help fade to another color on the board. Then add which ever main color I wanted to fade to on the board. I did pain the colors in one direction, a semi-circle curving up motion, but at a slight angle to the right.


After the background mostly dried, I added the snow field at the bottom of the sign. after ever couple of strokes I would add brown, or yellow, or purple to the white and make some more semi-circular sweeping strokes. I made the motions opposite of the background strokes. I aimed them at a downward – right angle. Adding the different colors made some depth to the snow field.

Once the snow field is done, I started in on my snowman! Woo Hoo!

Luckily, my back ground was still a little wet, so I was able to sweep up some of those color in my circles for the snowman. This helped give the snow man depth and shadows. After I finished my snowman’s butt, I added a shadow on the snowfield using white, yellow, brown and purple. I made my snowman lean a little bit on the second snow roll and this helped to be able to make the snowman’s head lean even further over and appear slanted to show that he is looking up. I added any shadows to backs of the snow rolls that I though necessary.

I added his nose and eyes, which I measured out first to get the correct angle! I put the basic colors down first then added the highlights and shadows where I thought appropriate.

I then added my “Let It Snow” lyrics and snowflakes. Make sure they vary in size, and shape, even down to just adding white dots.

I went back and added the snowman’s twig arms. I, of course, added the high lights and shadows where I thought it looked good. Then I painted little white dots on to his nose and arms, to appear as snowflakes resting on his extremities and nose. I also put a larger snowflake in the snowman’s left hand.

Lastly I added the gold sparkles to the snow field,  snowman butt and left hand. I did think the lyrics didn’t pop out enough so I went ahead and underlined them with gold sparkles also, which I think the brought the sign together.


I put him in the center of my broken chair, ( I knew I kept it for a reason!) and he fits perfect.

And this brings me to how I made it snow. The very next day, not even 6 hrs later, it was snowing. 🙂 And now my friends are putting the angry emoji for Facebook on my snowman painting. 😀


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