Sketchbox is this amazing site I found accidentally. They have a box that they send out every month filled with different art supplies from around the world that you can try out. They have either a Basic Box, which is $25 + $5 shipping (unless you have a coupon) or they have a Premium Box, $35 + $5 shipping (unless you have a coupon). Not everyone gets the exact same thing in their box but it centers around the same color scheme.

I have been getting the Premium Box delivered to my house for the past 2 months; AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I would honestly recommend it to anyone. They have alot of supplies that I never knew existed that I can try, and it is alot of fun to try all of these different and unique tools.


They also include a photo of a drawing that was created by someone like you and I. It was either made with the same exact tools or similar tools. I have been trying to draw what I see from these photos, since these are new tools to me. In my personal experience it is easier for me practice with foreign materials while looking at an image and trying to imitate it until I get comfortable with how the medium works.

December 2016 Premium Box               January 2017 Premium Box

Drawings w/products from Dec 2016 Box

Painting w/products from Jan 2017 Box    Gold Pigment Watercolor Paint from Jan 2017 Box

Sketchbox is very in tune with their consumer artists. Their site has an area where you can tag your work and they will feature it on their site or you can send it to them here! Sketchbox is also on Instagram @getsketchbox. Don’t forget to tag your work on Instagram either, they choose from there also. Sketchbox keeps an ‘About’ section for each Box Featured artist. You can read little blurbs about each artist, how they started drawing, what’s their favorite medium, etc, and also their contact info and its linked to whatever website(s) artist uses.

I haven’t use sketchbox for long, but I’m in love with it so far. I will keep you all updated on any other boxes I get. My next one is coming in February, and I couldn’t be more exited!!!

January Box

  •          You can also buy individual products from boxes here, just use the pull down boxes to get the individual items.

❤ Snarkie Hijabi


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