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December, 1936

Wonderful blogger and her transcriptions from her grandmothers journal. Each transcription is very warming and heartfelt and leaves you a little nostalgic.


It was my wish to complete transcribing December last month so while the holidays were happening in real life they were also happening in the past, but in the past and present for me.  Does that make sense?  It’s how I feel when I’m transcribing.  It’s the magic of this all being very real and about someone I love so much.  I live it a little bit.  So, instead of getting a doubly lived Christmas, I get to end and begin a New Year at the same time as I get to end and begin a New Year. 2016-2017 and 1936 -1937.

There are feelings we have been conditioned to feel this time of year.  Excitement and celebration.  Babu has that in droves this month.

But first, some things which weren’t exactly in the holiday spirit.

Ernie’s grandmother dies.  When Ernie returns to school Babu writes:

Saw Jonesy’s coat on…

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