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How To NOT Make Home Made Peya

Well, I was originally going to write on how to MAKE Peya, but something occurred while The Man and I were making it last night. Something very hot. Something very tender. Something burning!

I got one question for ya. Has your eyeball ever been to hell?! Well mine visted last night for about 23 minutes. After I had gathered my stone pestle and mortar, I started mashing up garlic cloves and habanero pepper together to get it nice and soft for The Man to pulverize it. I didn’t even add the pepper into the mortar, in fact I didn’t touch any habanero last night. I’m not sure how it got onto my hand but here it was without my knowledge. 😡 I rubbed my eyes, they are always dry, and then it happened. My left eye exploded with heat! It was so hot that it felt freezing. I thought for sure I was having an allergic reaction because the feeling was so strong.

I went straight to the bathroom. Put my head under the sink and ran cold water over my eye closed. Because that’s the only thing you can do when your eye is chilling in hell. Soon the burning had disappeared! Then I padded my eye dry with a clean washcloth, aaaaaaannnnndddd it felt like I was padding a raw area of skin. 😦  I did this, making sure not to use the same area twice on the washcloth, about 15 times. Literally. It had cooled down quite a bit by then to the point where I was actually able to open my left eye slightly. I then put my head under the cold water again, opened my eye and let the cool water irrigate my open eye. I would recommend only using sterile saline to irrigate your eye, as regular tap water can contain harmful bacteria. But as someone in the medical field, we never take our own (medically sound) advice. Anyways, beggars can’t be choosers. I irrigated my eye for about the same amount of time(s), with paddings in-between. 

Now that, that story is out of the way let’s make some Peya! This is what you will need : 20170117_235817-01-01

  • 1 Habanero Pepper (depending on size and if you prefer to have taste buds or not)
  • 3 Garlic Cloves (depending on size you may need to add more or less – this time we had to use 5 pieces since they were so small)
  • 3 Ripe Avocados
  • Sea Salt (we do a few grinds)
  • 1 Capfull of Lemon Juice
  • Loaf of Pita BreadBread & Virgin Olive Oil (optional, if you wish to eat the Peya with the Pita Bread & add Olive oil to the Peya dip)

First, you will add the garlic gloves and Habanero (cut into small pieces) together into the pestle and mortar. Mash and grind until the garlic and pepper are soft and mushy.

Add your cut and skinned Avocados piece by piece to the mortar bowl. Do not add all pieces at once, it will be to difficult to grind with the pestle. Wait until each avocado piece is mostly crushed and mashed before you add a new piece.20170117_235450-01-01

Once you have added all of your avocado pieces and you have mixed, crushed and mashed them all up until the concoction is nice and smooth, you are almost ready to go! You just need to add your cap full of Lemon Juice and a few grinds of your salt then use the pestle to mix, mix, mix!

Grab a plate and spread your Peya! Don’t forget to pour the Extra Virgin Olive Oil onto the Peya spread (like you would with hummus).20170118_000321-01

I know it kind of looks like baby food, but it’s baby food that I would eat every day!

This recipe comes from The Man’s mom. He grew up in Sierra Leone. This recipe isn’t necessarily native to just Sierra Leone, but the Habanero part is. They eat all of their food spicy! But this is because much of their food contains fiber, and they need a little sumin’ sumin’ to ‘relieve’ themselves.  😀

Please enjoy this recipe and if you have any questions on how to make it, just ask me in the comments below or feel free to email me.

Do not forget about the demon named Habanero, and be wary he does not spit in your eye!


Nom Nomsssss!

❤ Snarkie Hijabi


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