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February Sketchbox!

I received my Feb Sketchbox a couple days ago. I have never used the tools that are in this box, they kind of remind me of charcoal but are more fine. They also do not seem to go on as thick as charcoal. The product is actually a dry paint. You brush it on with a sponge. It was honestly a little hard to get use to. It was difficult for me to use the sponge brush, since I kept wanting to use my fingers as I would with regular charcoal. I believe that the more I use the brush the easier it will become for me. 

February Sketchbox Products

PanPastel is nice enough to have demos on their websites, and their major artists, to help newcomers. They have many different colors than just what Sketchbox provided. PanPastel has pretty much the same major colors that paints have, plus iridescent/pearlescent colors (which is what Sketchbox included in my box). 

So I didn’t know what to draw when I first saw what I got. I was thinking of maybe jelly fish, since they are kind of iridescent. Then I noticed The Man was sitting next to me and I realized that I never drew him anything. What did he choose? The Blue Eyed Dragon from Yugioh. Why did a grown man think of that? I have no clue, it just rolled off of his tongue immediately after I asked him the question like he was waiting for it. Lol. 

It took me a couple hours to complete and took forever afterwards to take a picture that showed the pearlescence of the drawing/painting. I had so many photos on my camera, all you saw was dragons for like 4 scrolls. I ended up taking three photos and collaging them to show the awesomeness. Each angle you look at the drawing you see a different color, which I thought was a good choice for a dragon. I imagine that their scales are iridescent-like. Now, I’ve never drawn a dragon before so I was a little nervous to try and attempt the drawing. I know The Man would like it regardless if it was good or not because I drew it, so it wouldn’t have been so bad if it came out looking awful.

Blue Eyed Dragon from Yugioh- Painted with PanPastel

The demos you watch tell you that the best way to start off a drawing with PanPastel is to start with the base color of your drawing or the darkest color. That way you can add on lighter colors on top until you get to the lightest colors. I started with the 955.5 Pearlescent Blue as my base color, it’s not the darkest color, as I think that is the purple, but it is the base color of the Blue Eyed Dragon. I drew the dragon, in the basic shape that they appeared in my reference drawing. It looked a little goofy at that stage but after awhile, with adding the other colors the full picture came along well. After the blue I added the 954.5 Pearlescent Violet to all of the areas that would have the deepest shadows. I then used 956.5 Pearlescent Green for the lighter shaded areas. For the hightlights I used 910.5 Light Gold. 

I felt it wasn’t crisp enough after I had finished all of that. So grabbed my white and black charcoal pencils. I added deeper shadows where they should be, although it was a little difficult since the black charcoal pencil wasn’t laying down that well. So I feel like the deepest shadows could be darker but it’s fine for a first attempt. I did use the white charcoal pencil on the brightest highlights and just to add some texture to the drawing so it didn’t feel empty. I also used blue sparkle glue for the dragons eye. I thought it was the perfect touch since The Man kept telling me to not forget about the eye. Do not forget about the eye! When he saw the blue eye he was so happy! 😂

My only complaint about these PanPastels is that they didn’t go on so thick, they seem very translucent. But that may be due to me not putting enough product onto the sponge brushes, I didn’t want to put too much on the brush since I never use the product before an didn’t know how it would react. I also accidentally splashed a little drop of water onto my drawing (on its neck). I couldn’t rub off that area at all and it became very opaque, so I’m thinking of trying to use water with these and see how that works out.
Also, to go back to an older post, the Sketchbox Logo Contest is still going on. I believe I have decided what I want to do for my logo. Since it’s almost the Chinese New Year, and it’s the year of rooster I have choosen to incorporate that into my logo. As a side note, I am very giddy today because Sketchbox has followed me on my Instagram. 😍

– ❤ Snarkie Hijabi


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