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My Sketchbox Logo & the Winners

I’m sorry for not writing a post for so long. I hurt my neck and shoulder, and I wasn’t able to move very much with out severe pain. Which I guess came at a good time because I’m out my job. I wouldn’t have been able to go to work for about a week anyways. I did have a job set up for after the job I just left…. But they sent me an email just 3 days after sending me a text message about my orientation day (meaning I got the job) that I wasn’t given the job. Like who the hell does that? Grow some balls and let the person know that they are not choosen for the job, that is your responsibility as being the “hiring manager”. A sad excuse for one if you ask me. 😒 Anyways, right now my shoulder and neck are healing. The pain is mostly gone from the muscle inside, but my skin also feels like how it would when you touch a sunburned area, even with very light touches. 

For some good news I have two seperate commissions for pieces of art that I need to do! 😀 They are for people I do already know, but I’m sure that’s where most artists start anyways. 😶 One is a commission from a picture of a couple to draw or paint them in anyway I am struck to. Which I’ve decided to use paint with blue and yellow colors. And to draw a picture of just the female, which I’m still deciding if it should just be charcoal drawing or use neon colors to draw her. The other is a commission for a living room. She had seen pictures of my previous art work and wanted a mix of human/mystical/nature picture. Which I have an idea for a white charcoal and ink drawing. I even have actually decided to make a series, I don’t know if she will want the whole series but I’m still making it so I can digitize it and have it for print outs. Hopefully it will turn out as good as they are pictured in my mind. 😅 

Now! On to the reason you are here, my Sketchbox Logo and also the logos of the winners. They chose two because they could not decide on one winner. 😊 My favorite is the neon drawing.

Winners of Sketchbox Logo Contest

The winners are on Instagram @pammie2597 and @tytybarth. Please check out their Instagrams if you do have one and are interested in more of their works! For my Sketchbox Logos I choose to have the theme of The Chinese New Year – Year of the Rooster. All of the tools I used came from previous Sketchbox monthly boxes. The first one I’ll put up is Chinese laterns.

Sketchbox Logo Chinese Lanterns

After finishing it, I saw that it was somewhat hard to read “Sketchbox” on the lanterns. But as we all know, you only get better with practice. On the first, and largest lantern, it reads “Rooster” written in Chinese. The second lantern has “SKE” , the third “TCH” and the final lantern, on the bottom, has “BOX”. I choose a script that would blend and kind of look like Chinese writing. I used only 3 products; Kuretake Gansai Tambi Starry Watercolor Set, Kuretake Zig Brushes one in black and the other in red.

The second painting I did for the contest, which I knew was going to be too large to choose as winner, but I had to draw it because the idea would not get out of my head. 

Sketchbox Logo Contest Drawing – Chinese NY, Year of the Rooster

I think this painting turned out much better than the one I had originally done using the metallic watercolors the first time. Since in most movies and popular pictures Asian women are very pale, I thought that the metallic watercolors would work great for her skin on my drawing. I used the same tools as with my other logo drawing; Kuretake Gansai Tambi Starry Watercolor Set, Kuretake Zig Brushes red and black, the white mixer dry paint from my PanPastel pack, white charcoal and black charcoal. I’m not sure if you can tell, but her hair pieces are based off of a roosters comb and wattle. I had a lot of fun drawing this picture. I am also extremely happy with it, and I hope you will like it as well.

Oh! Also PanPastel liked the painting of my Iridescent Dragon on Instagram. 😍 And Sketchbox featured my dragon on their Instagram page. 😘 

Instagram Like from PanPastel

– ❤ Snarkie Hijabi


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