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My Sketchbox Logo & the Winners

A look at my logo drawings and the contest winners and a little check up of what I’ve been up to lately.

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Sadness in Syria, Hama.

Originally posted on John Wreford Photographer:
Faisal was the first Syrian friend I made on my first ever visit, he was also the first friend I lost in the war; I made many more friends and lost more too. My first visit to Syria must be some twenty years ago now, only my diaries lost…

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The Man From Stratford on Avon

Originally posted on Catch a Falling Star:
I am, unfortunately, a dedicated conspiracy theorist.  No, not the braying, unintelligent kind like Alex Jones who has an unhinged and hidden agenda.  More the Indiana Jones kind, seeking the truth no matter where it leads, but always relying on research, science, and creative methods of re-framing the…

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How To NOT Make Home Made Peya

Well, I was originally going to write on how to MAKE Peya, but something occurred while The Man and I were making it last night. Something very hot. Something very tender. Something burning! I got one question for ya. Has your eyeball ever been to hell?! Well mine visted last night for about 23 minutes.…… Continue reading How To NOT Make Home Made Peya